About Us

To meet rapidly increasing demand, based on years’ teaching and tutoring experience, we, Little Talkers Mandarin, were born to provide Mandarin Chinese class courses.

At Little Talkers Mandarin, we bring you a fresh, modern Chinese learning experience. We believe that learning a language is not only about class time – it is about being immersed into a culture and experiencing everything it has to offer.

It is a fun and interactive way for your child to start the lifelong process of acquiring a second language. We use games, activities and songs to introduce and practise Mandarin Chinese of relevance to the age group of the children.

Being native mandarin speakers, all teachers are degree qualified, CRB certified, bilingual, cross-cultural understanding, and have an average of 1,000 Chinese teaching hours experience.

With Little Talkers Mandarin, you can be assured your children will learn Mandarin quicker in more fun ways than you could have expected.


‘…Little Talkers’ teaching has been exceptional and engaging and I have been amazed by how much both my children have progressed in a relatively short space of time.

Rich – St. Albans

‘…Their lessons are varied and fun which again keeps my children engaged and interested. They also make sure that teaching is at the correct pace and never moves on to other work unless previous material is understood. This is always backed up by homework tasks to help with their learning.’

---- Dan, Welwyn Garden City

…The teacher is also very good at explaining Chinese culture and traditions. My children are gaining a very good insight in to China and its people which inspires them to learn more. My wife (and children) highly recommend them. If you would like further information we would be more than willing to provide this.

---- Greg, Hatfield

‘…As you know, we have been pleased with our progress in Mandarin, thanks to your careful and thoughtful tuition. We have, equally, enjoyed learning a little about Chinese life and customs in our conversations with you. We have made such good progress than I am now considering it as a possibility for our children to sit Mandarin as an extra GCSE subject in the future.’

--- Katherine , Hertford